Ramadan 2019: As per Muslim Council Of Calgary(MCC)’s Announcement, 1st Ramadan will be on Monday 6th May 2019 Inshallah: Ramadan Mubarak
Al-Hedaya Islamic Centre Taraweeh will be in the Genesis Centre Starting 5th May 2019
Tax Receipts were sent end of February, if anyone didn’t receive, please contact us at info@alhedayacentre.ca
Al-Hedaya Musalla Status: Internal construction is in progress and we are expecting to finish by end of June 2019 Inshallah
Al-Hedaya Maktab: Adjacent Bay to the Musallah will be open for the Maktab programs right after Ramadan Inshallah

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“Only those shall maintain Allah’s mosques, who believe in Allah and Last Day, and establish prayer and give zakat, and fear no one except Allah. They, hopefully, will be among the guided.” (9:18)